Caz Duthie

British Female Voice Artist

Relatable. Reliable. Reassuring.


If you’re looking for a female voice that is clear, calm, relatable and trustworthy, you’ve found it! These qualities have been nurtured during my time spent as a practising lawyer for over a decade, and now I am delighted to help companies benefit from the same reassuring sound for their brand! My natural accent is a neutral British English, which can be considered ‘Modern RP’ (well spoken, without being too posh!)

I enjoy getting involved in all sorts of projects! So whether you’re after silly or serious, intellectual or girl-next-door, maternal or menacing, let me bring the words in your head to life.

Interested in working with me? Have a look at the section below on how we can get things started…


Types of
Voice over work

We can achieve great things together, no matter what type of project you’re working on!

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Commercials (TV/Radio)
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Mobile Apps
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Explainer Videos
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Meditation Audio
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  1. Get in touch
    They say the first step is the hardest, but in this case it couldn’t be easier and I’m anything but scary! So just reach out and let me know what you need – by phone, text, email, Skype, WhatsApp or any of my social media channels.
  2. Details
    For the best results, let me have as much detail as possible – we can either have a chat on the phone, or you can pop me an email!
  3. Cost
    I get that this is an important factor for you, so let me know what budget you’re working with. To provide you with an accurate quote let me know (if possible!) WHAT I’ll be voicing (Commercial, E-Learning, Explainer etc.), the LENGTH of the script, WHERE it will be used (TV, Radio, Pre-roll, Social Media etc.) and for HOW LONG (3, 6, 12 months etc.) A great rate guide can be found at
  4. The Recording
    Once the above is agreed, I can then go away and record from my home studio and send you the final WAV or MP3 file by WeTransfer (other formats and transfer programs available). If you’d like to listen in, or record from your end, we can arrange a time for you to dial in. I’m also able to travel to recording studios across the South Coast, including London.

Job done! Happy clients and happy Caz!

Caz Duthie Voiceover artist


Feedback from some of the great people I have worked with

Caz was a pleasure to work with! She was on top of all communication and our recording session together was smooth, efficient and honestly very pleasant. Highly recommend Caz if you’re looking to work with a pro!

“Great working with you again Caz, your passion for the industry and high quality output are difficult to ignore!”